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Gen X in Cumberland County

This page is designed to be a one stop shop to inform Grays Creek and Cedar Creek property owners about the Gen X issue and how it affects our property and property values.

What is Gen X?
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EPA Fact Sheet 

What are PFAS?

Grays Creek Elementary School

NC Groundwater Standards

NC Groundwater Standard states:
"If there is not enough information available to establish a standard or interim maximum allowable concentration for a substance, then that substance is not permitted in groundwater above detectable concentrations."
The most recent release of allowable concentrations does not include Gen X or PFAS.
Click Here to view the release
2013 Groundwater Standards Table

How do I know if my well is safe?

In order to determine if your property is located within the affected area, click on the link below for an interactive map of the total area where Gen X and PFAS has been detected in well water.
*note: this map is subject to change.  If your property is NOT located within the danger zone, please check back periodically to ensure your well water is safe. 
Known Detection Map

If you believe your property is within the Known Detection Boundaries and has NOT been tested for Gen X and PFAS, click here to learn how to request that your well be tested.

CLICK HERE to read the signed consent order
*paragraphs 19-23 apply to private well owners

How does this issue affect my property value?

Read my Blog for a full breakdown of Grays Creek property value trends.

Current Trend Data
*since contaminated wells became public knowledge around 6/2017

All Residential Property
Grays Creek
Cedar Creek

New Construction
Grays Creek
Cedar Creek

Resale Homes
Grays Creek
Cedar Creek

Planning on Selling Your Home?

Check out this blog post for an explanation of what must be disclosed to potential buyers and why builders are not required to disclose information about a home to the buyer.

if you are interested in selling your home.